PM's in Morayfield/Caboolture


Long time member but rare poster... We have 2 ip's in Brisbane (10+ yrs 1 and 5 yrs other) and are in the process of building a third in Morayfield. The mortgage broker has recommended a PM, from email/phone they seem ok but I was shocked this afternoon when I got their PAMD 20a that their rate was 1weeks rent initially + 10% per month. They also had 'negotiable' listed for preparation/attending tribunal which also rang bells.

We are charged for very good service at both other properties(by different agents in different areas) 1 weeks rent initially and 7% + GST + $5 admin per month. I emailed questioning the charge and was pretty much told it's 9% + GST (10%) and we do a good job yada indication that negotiation is even possible. I am a bit shocked by the price and the attitude to be honest so see myself spending a few more days interviewing and researching PM's.

Does anyone have any recomendations for PM's in Morayfield/Caboolture? Also, any recomendations on who to avoid? If you could include the fee structure that would be great too... if your not comfortable answering on open forum, feel free to send me a private message.

Thanks for reading and any help supplied :)