PMs in Port/South Hedland

OK, Im in the throes of buying a place in South Hedland and my thoughts turned to PM. The current lease of 2 years began in Oct 09 at $1200 wk with a market change in Oct 10. The current owner is doing the PM himself as hes a local I believe.
Going thru the same REA as Im buying the property from for PM they are offering 8% plus GST so 8.8%, which works out to $105.60 per week. They also charge 2 weeks rent to re-let the property. This seems to me to be a wee bit steep, a touch under $5500 per year, plus $2400 to re-let if needed.
With the current 2 year lease Im considering doing the PM myself.
So I guess what Im asking is:
Does anyone have property in Hedland and are you paying the same rates?
Can anyone with IP in Hedland recommend any of the PM up that way?
Given Im in Brisbane, is it worth trying to PM the place myself?
2 weeks letting in WA is normal, some go for 3! some charge 1 or 2 weeks for renewing the same tenant!!

8.8% I believe is pretty cheap up that way. I had been told that Karratha is around the 12%...can anyone confirm?
Also sounds pretty standard to me too and that's for Perth, I would have thought it would be more expensive up there.

Not sure how you could PM from a distance? :confused:
I'm paying 8.5% + gst for a property in Darwin (+ one weeks rent as let fee) vs 5% + gst for a property in Sydney.

8% + gst wouldn't concern me too much if I had a property in South Hedland.

I'd be very happy to buy a property in South Hedland atm.
OK, given those 3 replies and considering 2 are from WA members and the 3rd has IP in Darwin, I would call that a good idea as to the norm :)
I only suggested PMing myself to gauge opinion, and the answers reflect poorly on my idea. Think I will take the 8.8% and re-let fees and let my accountant work his magic. Thanks for those answers and opinions.
I was looking at an IP in Weipa and the PM fee was 7.5 + gst, wasnt sure if that was high but it seems its about right for remote areas.