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From: G V

Hi everyone,

Past and present trend says property price is on the rise on average.
We also know that property growth/market is directly proportional to population.
Statistics of the population says that maximum population is in middle age (30 - 50) years and children population is less (compared to middle age). birth rate is going down and todays children population is tomorrow's work force group. So what will happen to the property demand in metro area in around 25 years. may be that time old age home will be more in demand.

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From: Paul Zagoridis

I personally have or know people who have made great money in the following niches:

Retirement homes
Drug rehab centres
Halfway houses
Housing commission tenants
Country town rentals

The lesson is pick a niche and become good at it. Remember fortunes have been made in shoe-laces.

25 years is too far in the future for me to be crystal ball gazing. Does the niche make sense now? If so, will it vanish before I get my capital back plus a fair rate of profit?

Paul Zag
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From: Sergey Golovin


100 years ago it was predominantly two or three main groups of people of Australian/European population.

50 years ago (after the war) mass migration into Australia has began of people of all shapes and colours.

It is no way in world it will stop there and few reasons for it - internal as well as external pressure.

Is it good or bad? Who knows? Have look at US, they still taking people.

People saying democracy, human rights...yes it is all true, but have look from practical point of view - some one has to clean up the toilets and wipe up the snots. And who is going to do it? Well, someone has to do it. We all want nice and clean surroundings. Demand and supply.

In old days Romans (as well as others) used to colonise those poor people and bring them back home and force them to work. And what did they do? Cleaning up toilets and stables ofcourse.

Well, it was in old days. This days they give'm green card.

The only difference is - in old days Landlord had to provide accommodation for those slaves and this days they have to get it on their own...But they still need somewhere to live. They are not going to sleep on the streets. Well, some people do, but they are not slaves either (because they do not work).

Serge G.
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From: H T

gee cleaning toilets and wiping up snots - sounds horrible
glad im edewcated..

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From: Dave :)

....but missed the English classes.


also 'edewcated'

Dave :)
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From: H T

oh sorry edukaeted
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From: JustAMum B

My heros,
Though I love history, correctness and wealth in the quirks of english, better still I love a smile.
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From: Rixter ®

Just A Mum,

Did you major in Philosophy?

Happy Investing,
Rixter :)
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