Poor People and Debt

Looking at those statistics makes me feel very good about my investing and lifestyle habits.

I do find it ironic that most of the consumer debt refered to is through credit cards. They they finish by telling to take their various courses to help you get your finances under control - guess how you can pay for their courses!!!

Fortunatly they do offer a money back guarentee.
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Not that I have a bad debt problem, I just find other peoples Debt Problems fascinating :)
Duncan. [/B]

Perhaps that fascination is what is fuelling the new e-begging sites such as http://www.savekaryn.com/

What a concept, write a cute and simple site telling everyone how you overconsumed to a credit card debt of $20,000 US, and then invite everyone to contribute because "I'm really nice."
She's got over 90% of the debt gone now though! That's impressive.