population growth in sydney ?

hi there,

sorry if this sounds like a stupid question but should you buy in areas that they predict large population growth ?
in recent government studies, they predict the south west corridor (camden ) to have large increase in population, as well as burwood area./

so would you prefer to buy a house in those areas as opposed to say parramatta area or say north shore which does not have as much of a population increase predicted ?
Depending on your investment strategy, I think it would be safe to agree with that. They are shoving 300k people in that area and Leppington, which is getting a train station, will be at the heart of it. There is a big master planning process going on for the next year or 2 and i think things are kicking of in 2016, according to TDIC.

Then again for short to medium term growth id go with Parra - but thats just me.