Positive gearing

From: Even Steven

In today's market with prices so high and returns so low (relatively, of-course), are there still positively geared IP's out there?
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From: Asy .

Hi Even,

I would have replied direct, but you didn't leave your email addy.

I am selling a property returning 7%. Also, if you are asking about low docs loans, maybe we should chat, I am very flexible with terms, and would possibly leave some $$ in the deal for a year or two.

Please email me directly (email addy above).


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From: J Parker

Yes, Yes, Yes there are but I think you may have to move out to country towns to get this. I have a house that is positively geared and was very cheap to buy (under $100K) I did nothing to it to get the current rent and it is going well. Start thinking big towns and good luck!
Cheers, Jacque :)
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From: Steve Piggott

Yep... positive gearing is definately still about. I have 3 IP's that are returning almost 17% and have also had 20% CG. I think I may have 'jagged it' so to speak.
But youre right its getting harder to do as prices rise and the rental market softens.
Perhaps a spread of properties for CG and some outer area IP's for cashflow.

Happy Investing
Neb :)
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