Positive Real Estate Network?

Hi all,

Has anyone had experience with the 'Positive Real Estate' group?

I have just booked in for a 'free information' night on the Gold Coast. I am hoping that it is not just another hard sell as.

I did do a search for "Positive Real Estate" on SS but unfortunately no results.

Any information, good or bad, would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry, have just done another search and have found what I'm looking for. Mods can you please delete this post before I get hammered by fellow forumites.

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Thanks for that Rob. I didn't realize that I was sticking my chin so far out there, whoops.
Anyway I have now read all the relevant posts and it seems as I figured, just another hard sell. I might go along on to their meeting on Tuesday just for a squiz, I just wont be taking my chequebook or any credit cards.