Possible CF+ deal Geelong

Hi all, I came across this and while I'm not interested I thought maybe
someone out there might be.

26sq 4 bedroom home above Chinese takeaway & Baker's Delight.

$495,000 for the lot.

Chinese Takeaway & Baker's Delight return $200/week each.

Vendor will lease back upstairs $250/week for 6 months.

Depending on who pays the outgoings on the downstairs there's a possible
6.8% return here. You might be able to get it cheaper to get your yields
up a bit.

I believe the shops are both on a 5x5x5 lease with 5% increases starting

The bloke who is selling it is named Frank, his number is 03 52787551.

n.b. I have absolutely no affiliation with the vendor, I just saw the ad and
rung the guy to ask him about the leases. I'm not getting anything out of
this and have no other information.

Frank is the owner, he's advertising it in the classifieds in Geelong.

According to whitepages.com.au the address of Baker's Delight is:

113 Seperation St
North Geelong 3215


p.s. that is whitepages spelling of "separation" not sure if it's correct or not.
This was first advertized a good 12/18 months ago. So if you are interested keep that in mind. Never looked at them myself so have no comment to make.