Possum in roof - who is responsible ?

Strange post I know.

We are living in a rental and I know you guys are very knowledgeable about these things so before I call the real estate agent I wanted to check in here!

We now have an extra tenant hidden in our ceiling cavitiy and I know if I call the agent they'll tell me its my problem but a possum just doesnt move in without an opening somewhere around the roof line. So my theory is that there is a structural integrity issue somewhere and it's therefore the landlords problem to get someone in to remove our new tenant.

Has anyone had any experience with this before ?

I had a complaint in regards to birds getting into one of my rentals. Fair complaint i think. I got in and patched up the area they were getting in. Its in the landlords interest to stop wildlife crapping on their asset i would think.

There's all sorts of things you have to do in Victoria to be friendly to possums - they're a protected species. You can only relocate them within a few hundred meters, you can't bait them, you must use an approved trap, you can't hit them with a shovel...

They we go to New Zealand, where they're considered a pest. Took a visit to 'Possum World' (only in NZ, along with 'Sheep World'), where they make everything out of possum. Some nice clothes, gloves, even bras and undies just for 'extra' warmth :)

They've got displays and notices on how to effectively kill them. One trap bates them, electrocutes them and impales them on spikes, all in one hit. Very gruesome, but effective.