Postcards from the edge

The FIRST Postcard to the Coffee Lounge!

Sunstone was in Korea recently and thought he'd send us a postcard! it is attached for all to see!!

Thanks Sunstone!

asy :D

Just in case the back is not clear it reads:

Dear Guys,

Just a quick HI that I promised Phil_H that I would send to the Lounge.
Tiles and buildings in Korea are very interesting.
Thanks for lots of kind words on the forum.
It is true you get out of something what you put in. The property journey is fun together!

Looking forward to putting together a Christmas BBQ together with help from you guys in Brisbane.
CYA lots when I get back.

Cheers Sunstone. :)

Keep posting. Good questions and answers help everyone on the forum.
Please note the Actual postcards couldn't be attached yet, because aparrently the file size is too large.

I will see if Sim the Magnificent will be able to help me attach them as soon as possible... :)

asy :(
We really want limit the size of attachments. If you send me the file - I will see what I can do to minimise the size of it.
Dear Sim,

Thanks. Real world interaction is always important and a nice touch in a controlled way in the forum.

Agree generally with policy on the attachment size just Asy promised the guys that if I sent a postcard to the forum care of her that she would scan it and put it up. We always like helping each other keep promises. :-----)

Asy. -Glad the postcards arrived before I leave... Back in Aust this weekend. Thanks for putting up the message.



Can you reduce the resolution of the postcards when you scan?


Gidday. Sounds like you have a good job. But I wouldn'y want to make a Korea of it.
Originally posted by geoffw
Can you reduce the resolution of the postcards when you scan?

Nah asy... just send it to me at full res - I have a solution that gets around the upload size limitations nicely (which I'm not increasing by the way).

Did you know that in the 38 days since this site became active (27 days since the site was "live" to the public), we have transferred over 6.5 GB (gigabytes !!!!!!!) worth of data from this site. We are averaging over 45,000 page requests a week (every thread you view is a "page", every time you click on a link you are loading a new "page" etc etc). We have made over 1.2 million requests for web site items (html, graphics etc) in this time.

Don't worry about the site graphics though... even though the vast bulk of those 1.2 million requsts are for website graphics, most of them are cached and so are not actually transferred every time. In fact less than 5% of that 6.5 GB of transferred data is from requests for graphics - the bulk of the data is from the actual posts themselves !

So I'm not going to increase the size of files that are allowed to be uploaded - that would be unfair to Ian, and he's already paying enough for us with this incredibly wonderful site that he has set up. I have another solution which should get around the problem nicely ;)
Hi Sunstone

Thanks for remembering the postcard.

Perhaps you could describe what was on it so I could make a

mental picture of it. ;)


Phil :)
Dear Phil,

Can't remember exactly what was on it but think it had a Korean temple on it. Interesting looking at the architecture and what is used to protect a house which is subjected to snow.

Will have to let Asy get the picture up with Sim but a possible picture is:

(The temple)

Site overall is interesting and if you want to see more info on Korea in English.



P.S. Phil, I hope Geoff's jokes aren't as bad at the Cashflow sessions. *laughs*

Funny you should ask me when the next floriade is on...

A colleague's wife is one the Floriade's head honchos.

The pollies have asked if Floriade can be extended next year, for another two weeks, to coincide with some World Cup events.

So they have the figure out a way to make the flowers bloom for two weeks longer to suit the tourists :p

Great. Biologists extending flowering life cycles for two weeks. Maybe research that could be applied to extending human life cycles.....

Anyway Floriade could be a good reason to get some of us interstate people down to Canberra to catchup.


Postcard from Sunstone, thanks to asy


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Back of the postcard !


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YAY !!

Thanks Sunstone, Asy and Sim.

Sunstone, next time can you just send me a bottle of duty free ??


Phil ;)

Sunstone, you take the photo, and sim will get it onto the system, and we can all have some!!

asy :D
Dear Phil,

Here you go mate.....

Johnny Walker Blue Label for you mate......

And retail it cost $299.95 from Vintage Cellars...

Well we know where I'm going to stay when I'm next in Canberra..... :---------)

Maker's Review

A brand of exceptional taste and quality blended from a selection of the rarest, oldest malt.

A deluxe blend of the world's rarest whiskies, Johnnie Walker Blue Label has a depth of flavour beyond that of single malt. The flavours build on the palate leading to a long and intense finish.

Cheers Phil... But you will have to share it with Asy now.....




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If you're bringing that over the phil's place, I'm coming to stay as well.

Probably with a cashflow game, because the only way I'm going to be able to beat Phil is if he's had too much to drink