Potentail First Purchase - Adding a Second Bathroom + More

Hi All,

New to this forum but was hoping I could stick around ask some questions and learn a few new things!

The missus and I are looking for our first home and we found one that suites are needs. Its livable however needs a bit of reno to get it to where we want it. My missus has done a complete reno in the UK and I have some general knowledge from helping around in the US with the builders that worked on my parents house. Obviously this doesn't translate into Australia and we would be paying for some of the harder work to be done.

Anyways, on to a few questions.

1. The bathroom(s). The bathroom in the house we are looking at is split. The toilet is in one section of the house and the bathtub is in the other. Ideally we would like to convert each into a full bath with shower and toilet. The main concerns I have are how easily this is achievable and if its allowed by building regulations to add a second bathroom. I know I will have to look into where the sewage lines run, but I would like to add a toilet into where the bath is and turn that into a shower. Then extend the area where the toilet/laundry is into a bath/shower and laundry. It is certainly big enough.

2. Concrete Walls. The whole house is concrete. Is there anything to worry about with these? How easy is rewiring if this is needed? I would get an electrician of course, but I'm not sure what the increased costs would be compared to try wall.
2a. Can concrete walls be removed? Or are they all load baring? Wondering if in the event we wanted to remove a wall for #1.

Anyways, I plan on getting a building inspector around once the contract comes in. I just wanted to ask ahead of time as these potentially changes if we are interested in the place or not.

Anything else to be worried about? The kitchen is complete and so are the other rooms. Though I would probably rip up the carpet and install wood flooring. Will get the roof checked out and also an all rounder to answer other questions such as ducted heating, solar, eg as I don't know if a building inspector would answer all those type of question for me.

Oh, this is VIC based as well.

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Here is all I have (attached), still waiting for the contract though.

As you can see the toilet isn't in the same room/area as the bath. I'd like to make both the toilet and the bath, full bathrooms (shower/bath/vanity). All the walls shown are concrete also.

Maybe possible to convert the laundry area to a bathroom? Then remove the tub and put in a shower/toilet in the other?

Just not sure if this is allowed, or anything else i should really think about before looking more into this place.



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