PPOR & Six year CGT exemption

Renting out part or all of your home
?You may not be entitled to the full main residence exemption from capital gains tax (CGT), which means you'll have to pay CGT on part of any capital gain made when you sell your home.?

Hypothetical!Future planning I would LOVE some thoughts on!

I buy a PPOR and live in it for a year. If after a year I was then to rent out the spare room is this treated the same as if I moved out and rented it out? I appreciate that the income and prorata losses need to be calculated? My concern lies with claiming the six year CGT exemption? Can this exemption be claimed for renting out part of your home as long as you satisfy that it was exclusively a PPOR and only ?rent? out part of the house for up to six years?

I am hoping to make the most of the PPOR CGT exemption but want to keep costs as low as possible.
The relevant section is s118-145 ITAA97. it only covers absences from the premises. Renting out rooms won't work.