pre-nuptial agreement

hi all
has anyone had any experience drawing up a pre-nup? what do you put in them other than 'what is his remains his, what is mine remains mine and what we go forth and purchase remains ours?"

any advice would be greatly appreciated.
thanks sheryn,
that was an interesting thread although it wandered around the topic a bit. my position is that i we will be committed to one another for keeps. i'm more concerned about succession in the event of the demise of one or both of us.
we have discussed it and he is happy to sign.....

anyone got any pointers about clauses that should be included?
that thread was very good.
cannot give legal advice but will offer my opinion. i think it is a good thing to have baseline details of what is brought into a relationship.

being totally practical before any life changing event, especially if it involves contracts etc, i can see no harm in legal advice.
entering a new partnership romantic or otherwise.

premarriage counselling should cover all aspects including finances joint or otherwise. it becomes more complicated if there have been prior relationships and related issues.

if nothing else it would facilitate frank discussion between the couple regarding these issues and explore expectations.

it would provide clarity for later. i would also combine the interview/process with drawing up/reviewing/changing wills. necessary for marriage anyway.
each person then knows where they stand now and for the future.

do not know your age group Grace, but even organising enduring power of attorney is not a bad idea too, to cover decisions related to capacity if confronted with serious health events. legal advice will guide you. regards.
thanks pully
this is a second marriage for both of us. in fact, i've been single for over a decade. much older and wiser with a good bit of equity.

we are both very committed to property investment but the issue is the pre-nup now. we don't have any glaring issues about how to write it. in fact, he said 'you write it and i'll sign it".

just wondered if anyone with experience of a binding financial pre-nuptial agreement had anything to add?

at this stage, it will be fairly simple as i mentioned above; what he has remains his, what i have remains mine and what we accumulate together is ours and therefore open to inheritance by all 7 progeny.......