Pre purchase inspections

From: Cathy Baxter

Hi all

When inspecting properties for purchase does anyone have a checklist that they use to ascertain a properties merits?

If you do does this includes construction type items that a pre purchase building inspection might cover?

If construction / condition issues can be covered by the potential purchaser then a building inspection that is a waste of time may be avoided.

If no one has such a thing a could we construct one here. I would be happy to co-ordinate all input.

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From: Juzz O'K

Really it all depends on what type
of property your purchasing.
ie. Older property - Renovation required
Older Property - No Reno Reqd.
New Property
Off the Plan Property.
There's a list in the book
"The Australian Home Buyers Guide" by
Nicholas Humphery.
It Describes a Drive by inspection,
Initial Inspection, Comprehensive inspection,
Pre-Purchase Inspection, Structural Inspection, Pest Inspection, Strata Inspection.
All have their place in time.

A Magazine with a few check lists
is Victorian Homebuyers Magazine/Victorian
Building & Renovating Magazine the one magazine. This is available in most Real Estate Agents office's in Victoria.

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