Pre-settlement inspection - cleaning?

I have a pre-settlement inspection for our PPOR tomorrow.

I have read previous posts about things to check and will make sure that what I can see is in order, check appliances etc.

My question is - how clean can I expect the property to be? When we moved in to our last PPOR everything was super-clean, but the vendors were very scrupulous. This lot, not so sure.

Basically, I'm expecting the house to be dirty tomorrow. If it is, is there anything I can do to ensure it gets cleaned before settlement on Friday?
What are you going to do if an appliance doesn't work? Unless specified in the contract there is not much you can do.

I realise that, meant more that the stove, dishwasher etc were still in place and not obviously damaged.

Any suggestions about the cleaning. I'm dreaming that it's going to be anything other than filthy, right?
It all comes down to the vendor, in an ideal world they should clean and clear everything out upon settlement however this is not always the case.

Good luck
I must say most of the propoerties we have bought have been quite clean on settlement.

Our PPOR was absolutely spic'n'span when we got it - might have to do a bit of work to get it back to that state :p


The Y-man
Any suggestions about the cleaning. I'm dreaming that it's going to be anything other than filthy, right?

Propably right henrietta,

There is nothing in a contact of sale's standard T&Cs that say the vendors need to clean before settlement.

Hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised :p
One would expect that most properties would be left in a clean and orderly fashion but unfortunately this is not always the case.

My pre-settement inspection on my current property showed mattresses were left in the front yard, clothes in the wardrobes, not to mention old faxes, handbags and a whole wardrobe full of books and personal items were left lying around. Even an old bank passbook!

The kitchen was filthy - moths in the cupboards and I could not bring myself to cook in the oven, it was so putrid. The veneer wardrobe doors in the bedrooms looked like they hadn't been dusted for thirty years.

The older lady I bought the property from was an unmarried nurse and as far as I knew, was still employed.

All I could do was protest to the selling agent who sent a few young guys around to help us remove the unwanted items out onto the front lawn for Council Pick-up.

Strangely enough, this lady sent me a letter three years later, requesting I place an old potted dying plant out the front for her collection. It seems her mothers ashes were in it! Unfortunatetly I did recall we had taken the plant and it's bright yellow concrete pot to the dump a long time ago.

With one particular property I purchased in QLD, I hired a handyman and a cleaner to fix a few items and make sure the kitchen was clean in order to rent the property.

If you have not stipulated that a certain appliance must be in particular working condition in your contract - then you cannot expect it to be working or not working.

Unfortunately, a delay in Settlement could incur penalty fees and may cause more stress to yourself than it is actually worth.

If your property is generally clean and you are able to move in unhindered by mattresses and old chairs - be thankful. :)

Regards JO