Pricefinder and RP Data

I have decided to get off the fence and subscribe to Pricefinder or RP Data.

I?m looking at PF due to the comments on SS however reading the user guides on the PF website, it appears that you can?t do a Comparative Market Analysis with the regular subscription (or does the sales and rent estimates feature achieve the same result)?? From first glance it appears the CMA feature is more detailed.

I am currently purchasing detailed property reports and suburb reports through RP Data but this becomes more expensive than a subscription when you start asking for various reports. I understood that RP Data (Corelogic) had/has a subscription service but I can?t find anything on their website?

Do users find that PF with the sales and rent estimates (and choosing 6 comparable properties) are sufficient for getting an estimate, especially for interstate purchases (I realise a sales price estimate is only part of the puzzle)?

Are there other features on PF that users find particularly helpful?

Does RP Data have a subscription service and is it comparable to PF?