Prices going up again.



From: Phillip Sharp

There is no doubt that the market is buoyant at the moment. One word of caution though. Especially in regard to inner city apartments in Melbourne. With so many apartments coming on line in the next couple of years. If the rental market is slow, which it is at the moment, and the choice of apartments, is vast, which it will be and the fact that the banks are tipping a 1.5% interest rate by mid next year. This will effect prices. So be prudent in purchasing inner city apartments.

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From: Jeremy Laws

I can't remember if its central equity apartments or not, but either way it is a Melbourne property development that has for the past 2 years been sending me acres of paper has also been taking 1/2 page colour ads in London's wednesday Evening Standard. If they are selling so well, I would be surprised if they needed to advertise so heavily. They are almost pushy with me on the rare occasions they get me on the phone!
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