Primary schools in Melbourne's eastern suburbs

Anybody got any thoughts on the various state primary schools in the eastern suburbs - broadly anywhere in Camberwell, Hawthorn, Canterbury, Balwyn, Kew and Ivanhoe?

My oldest is now 2 so we're looking at an entry to primary school in 3 years time. Canterbury PS looks great in terms of facilities, but I'm sure there are other great primary schools in these suburbs as well.

I have a pretty good knowledge of the secondary schools in the area, as I'm responsible for graduate recruiting in my firm so I see lots of kids from Xavier, Scotch, Camberwell Grammar, Mel High, McRob, etc, but it's a lot harder to assess primary schools, particularly without league tables of any kind.

(And in any case, I value an all round education much more highly than pure academic results, or sporting results for that matter!)

Incidentally, at the moment we live in Northcote, but I have a deal with my wife that we'll move to one of the above suburbs in time for primary school, so we're slowly turning our mind to which school zone to buy in.

Hartwell Primary is a highly sought after school in Camberwell, as is Camberwell South primary, Camberwell Primary teach in a billingual environment (French from memory)
Jonathon, sorry did not see msg till now...ours went to St Jospeh, Hawthorn (Glenferie rd near library). Back in 2004 St Joseph teaches Italian not sure now...We liked it as it is a small...sort of family, cosy environment.

A work collegue has 2 kids currently at Deepdene primary and she is very happy there.
Cheers, Tracey
Take a look at if you haven't already. It doesn't have league tables as such but you could construct something yourself based on the data.

Also keep in mind the zoning of the schools. The better primary schools are often tight. eg Canterbury primary School zone is roughly half of Canterbury and half of Surrey Hills.