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From: Garry Barron

My wife and I are about to enter the world of residential investment.
Has anyone had dealings with Prime Advice in Melbourne?

Regards Gazzab
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From: Jack Moro

G'day Gary

No experience with such a company
and what follows does not realate to them in any way.
That should take care of the disclaimer.

any time you seek advice from a commercial entity it is going to cost you money.

The general advice in regard to this topic as it has been covered before
(concerning other such companys).

Is that you are far better to educate yourself on the topic (Residential I.P)
than to pay someone for their apparent expertise and mmmmmmmm independant advice.

I suggest Jans Building wealth thru I.P,
Richest man in Babylon, and Rich Dad Poor Dad

Oh and log into this forum regularly, scan the archive for any questions you have before posting and then act on what you know

This Co you are enquiring about I am assuming they are trying to sell I.P advice and guidance to you.
Q1 What is there agenda.
Q2 Do they have an association with developers,finance companys etc who will do it all for you mmmmmmmm ???????? !!!!!!!!!
Q3 Do you get a feeling of come on in sucker
(sorry I mean, come on in I.P uninformed)

If so teach youself mate it aint hard and it sure aint rocket science so to speak.

I can relate to you query as just 12 months
ago I knew nothing on the topic I did not even understand -ve gearing.

My first I.P I bought and it costs me $20 a week or less and C.I.V has been around 12% conservatively.

All the best
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