Private posts

Just a suggestion- I don't know if this is something which could be done easily.

I had a private post. But-

1. The fact that I had a private post was not really obvious- down at the bottom of the forum, and in just plain text. I'd suspect that people might miss private posts for this reason. At the top, or with something flashing might be better

2. When I went to read it, I had to hunt around for the place. It would be nice to link the message notification directly to the message display- just by clicking on the tex, or icon. imdicating new messages.

btw, minor points. The new forum is SO much better than the old one.


If you check the user cp, you will see an option to have the board notify you by popup window when you get a new PM. I use this and it's great.

You can also have it email you when you get a new PM.