private sale pricing??

Hi just curious.

I have a one bedroom unit and looking to put it on the market.

what is the best method to price the property. If i am putting it on do i just put the price i want, give a price range, or just put private sale...

And how much of a discount do people expect to get off the asking price....

I know I got 5 % off when i bought mine.... but it was a weaker market...

tactics? any experience.

I figure 1 bedroom unit potential buyers is less.... so auction seems a higher risk in my view... i like to be more in control and think i can be in private sale environment... maybe that works the same way on the flip a buyer... with more time to think digest.. etc..
Why dont you get a few local agents to give you a valuation. You can then decide on whether the values are reasonable. You can also ask them to justify their valuations with recent sales in the same area. It will at least give you a price range/guide line on pricing.
Have a look at the trend in your suburb. How are most apartments being marketed and sold?

Auctions are a good way to get a higer return if the property is presented and staged in such a way to create an emotional connection for potential buyers.

If going to sell privately, we have found that the price range never works. The vendor is always wanting to get the higer end of the range and the potential purchasers will always try and get it at the lower end of the price range.

Hope this helps. It would pay to have a chat to a few real estate agents in your area and see what they also have to say.

Wishing you every success, Ana Stankovic
in newport. yep

building needs some work on the outside... so might be a turn off as an auction type setup from an overall visual of the building.... inside looks great, and the street and location is right up there, with some million dollar houses in the street.

have had one agent say as high as 330k which i though was high. I know a 1 bedroom villa in a close street sold for 300k that needed a heap of work on it.

the problem is there are not many units in newport that come up for sale.

so i can only compare between williamstown and yarraville.

will see how i go. might hold on and use equity to buy another place...

i look at sydney aswell, and 1 bedroom units in there inner west all sell for over 300k so probly not far off that being the case in melbourne too... who knows...