problem with MS WORD page numbering formatting

can anyone help?

I have typed up a document with chapters. In order to have a different header for diff chapters, I inserted Section Breaks at the end of each chapter. That solved the header problem, BUT, now the page numbers are screwed up! The page number start from 1 at each section break. How to solve this its driving me crazyyyyyyyyyy
What about Insert / Page number ?

I cant find Secton Breaks on my version so sorry if you've tried Page Number without succes already
You might find some help here - check the bit that talks about "format page number" and page numbering "continue from previous section".

Also this page might help.

These links assume Office 2007. If you're using a different version, I'm sure the principles will be the same, but the locations may differ.
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thanks. but the version i use is iWorks for Macbook, the MS word in there is slightly different...... the Format Page Number doesn't have so many functions.....