Problem with property manager in Melbourne CBD

Hi guys,

My mother is using one of the real estate agent in Melbourne city to manage her property in the CBD.

The manager is very unresponsive. My mum (who doesn't live in Aust) went to Melbourne in hope to see the condition of her apartment, but the agent just said the tenant didn't respond to our request to inspect. Then after that the manager stopped trying and didnt reply to my emails anymore. My mum was in Melbourne for 3 weeks, I made my request to the manager on the 2nd day my mum arrived, and after 3 weeks and my mum has gone back, the manager is still silent, even after I sent her emails of complaint. The manager just said the tenant has not been responding - end of story.

I have a friend who is interested to rent the place, but the manager said we are unable to tell the tenants to leave with a 1 month notice, since the tenant "hasn't done anything wrong", and she says we need to give 120 days notice instead. What is she talking about? Is there such a tenancy law???

Our tenant has been late in paying their rent by paying in small chunks every now and then when they have money (instead of the 1 month rent in advance as per contract).

My mum doesn't like the current tenant because they totally didn't respond to our request to view/inspect the apartment. And we didn't receive a thorough conditions report from this agent since we rented the property 1.5 years ago. Also the tenants now paying in small chunks whenever they have money means the agent has to generate about 3 to 4 statements each month for like $250 rent or $510 rent whenever they receive money from tenant = more statement fees. Plus this manager is only sending the statements about 1 month after the rent received, which doesn't keep us up to date with events.

What can we do with this agent?
I still want them to be 100% responsible for this tenant, ie, when we terminate the contract with this tenant, I want this manager to be in charge of doing the inspections and bond and any damages to be duly deducted from the bond.
Ok, a few things:

Access to propoerty for inspection - yes, given notice, you can go in

The landlord can enter if the resident is not at home, providing that an agreement has been reached or adequate and appropriate written notice has been given in the form required

As for ending the tenancy, 120 days is correct without reason.

The Y-man
Unfortunately 120 days is correct, are they on a lease? If so, you could send an end of lease notice >12 months is 90 days, but it must expire on the lease expiry date.

If the tenant is more than 14 days in arrears, you can issue a 14 day notice.

If you were moving back in, you can issue 60 days notice - BUT you cannot lease the property out again within 6 months, so having your friend move into it would be in breach of this notice.
I'd be searching for a new property manager immediately. Once you find someone reliable, they will let the current manager know and retrieve the files etc.

Something is not right - you should be able to inspect your property and certainly should have had written property inspection reports every six months for the last 1.5 yrs.
Yeh sounds like the property manager is hiding something he doesn't want you to know about how he's dealing with your apartment. I'd be all over this and get a new PM on the job pronto.
Davem's right, smells very fishy. Doubt the PM has really entered and done a property inspection in a long time if it's that difficult. Get in there urgent asap, sort out the real problems they're hiding, and go with Lil' Skater.
Good luck
Also, where in the world can I lodge an online complaint against this agent?

I went to the REIV website, there is no online form for complaints.....:mad: