Project Specification and Schedule of Finishes

Hi guys,
Apologies if this is an obvious question :) I've recently had basic working drawings completed (and received council approvals) for a (my first) dual occ development, and now need to have a project specification and schedule completed so I can go to tender. Is the best professional to assist with this an interior designer, or a quantity surveyor?
Any advice greatly appreciated.
Hi Chris,

You would usually use an Interior Designer for this. They will select the colours and finishes for your 'new build' based on the general specifications allowed for by your draughty/building designer.

You'll find the interior designer will generally assist with not only interior colours, finishes and speicfications, but also for the exterior.

Have you have the job priced yet? If so, then a good designer will also work to ensure the choices and specifications they make are in line with what has been budgeted.

If this is an investment property, then I would suggest contacting a Quantity Surveyor to put a budget together for you first. From there, your designer has not only the general specs from the building designer but also a price range to work to.

If the building is a 'project home' type build, they will have a list of products you will be able to choose from. The designer in this case would work within those product limitations to pull together a design for you.

Hopefully all this makes sense for you!