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From: G V

There is an offer for 3 bedroom townhouse at Gosford for 270k.Complex has 42 townhouses. Is it worth buying as a property investment. any idea on tenancy rate. any input would be appreciated.
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From: Michael G


Some questions you can probably find yourself...

1) How many have been sold so far?
2) How many are owner occupied (ie not bought by investors), the more owner owned the less competition you have (ie possible vacancy)
3) You have to get an idea of rent. Ask an agent (not the one selling the properties), then reduce it by 10-20% (thats what the banks do)
4) How close is it to things people want?
- train
- bus stop
- shops etc?
5) Possible contact a data supplier like residex or something and see what reports they have available.

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From: Rolf Latham


Email me with address details, can provide recent sales data, and form this, with a bit of xchecking you can see how many are owner occupied. And get a good idea of what it is actaully worth


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From: G V

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the info.
The offer is from an financial group. The property is known as 'HUNTER MEW".So far they have sold 14 townhouses.They have not given the full address as they want us to go through them.

Once again thanks for the info.

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