Property Development Course

hi guys

just curious if anyone has done a short property developmetn course?

i know there are degrees and longer courses offered, but i dont have the time or money

does anyone know of a short course offered that is worth while doing and teaches a lot?

Hi JD86

I have been looking for the same and have come to the conclusion that learning from books and then doing it is probably the lease painful way to go. Courses seem to cost several thousands although there are some CD courses around that are cheaper. There are several books that cover small resi development, but for some unknown reason most are poorly written to the point of being difficult to comprehend and vague at best. Very frustrating . They all seem to be written by developers who have done it which is good, so I guess it is to be expected that they are not writers. I just wish they had employed a ghost writer. Probably the best of the bunch are two books written by Ron Forlee . They are available from Good Luck:)
try joining a construction syndicate
then see it as its going thru
there is a few around.
best way to learn is on the job training
ron forlee's books (which i have) are also fairly vague because every state and council area has different legislation and requirements - and call them by different names to the neighbouring councils. there is no way for the author to be specific to your area or needs.

my advice? do a small development (ie, 2 houses on one block etc), prepare yourself for the short term brain implosion, and learn thru doing ... you will never ever forget the successes or mistakes that way.

oh - do your research first to find a good area in which to "do" your development!
When doing small development -

You will need to get council approval first to see if you can subdivide the block.

Then get a feature survey done from land surveyor

See private town planner if you wish and get them to make sure you can approvals through the planning commission and council.

Then you have to pay for the headworks ie - gas, electric, water corp run ins and driveway crossovers.

Then once that is all in and approved get to build it!

sounds simple but is long drawn out process.

I am currently looking at it but with not enough cash can't do anything! :(
hi, the australian property investor mag or website have a small development booklet which you can buy or download, probably the 1st place to look. also depends where you are looking at buying... watch out for "c corp" high pressure bxxxxit seminars etc. peter comben are supposed to be o.k and he is definetley melb based, although he's not doing any mentoring anymore.

like people say, doing is the best way, just make sure your feasability stacks up, 20% profit margin is the go.....

good luck.
i have done a property development course by "carly crutchfield" its pretty good, tho i have not done any other courses so i cant compare it to anything, she goes through alot of details and the required steps of developing and all, they are a set of 12 DVDs, that you can make notes from as she goes......its my first course in property and it has definately taught me alot.....

i am happy to make a swap with anyone, for a renovation course.....

PM me for more details...