Property guide 2002- Gold Coast/Northern N.S.W.

From: Denise Macadam

Greetings wonderful helpful forum,

Thanks Jane, Kristine and Dale - i was reading and re:reading Kristines answer to Joans post, on property renovations as a business. Bloody archive, i have heaps of trouble with that ! - was going to post for more info and answers to the thousand questions it raised and "Hey Presto" today like magic, its rehashed and Dale simplified it for me. God, mind reading is added to the long list of talents of so many of you - Soooooooooooo, found something i thought very interesting and thought it may help someone else.
The "Out laws" are staying at Coolangatta on the Gold Coast, this was in the Sunday paper, the Gold Coast Bulletin. A huge Property Guide published by PRD - house and unit stats for the last five years Suburb by suburb, rental returns for both, numbers sold, median prices from 1996 - great maps - includes facilities, development, schools, shopping centres, hospital etc etc. On the Gold Coast and Northern N.S.W., Data supplied by residex and Dept of Natural Resources. I am going to buy Duplex for family - (the opposite to profit, but will help them out)
this is just the sort of info i was looking for and I hope someone else may benefit by it. Its printed by Gold Coast Publications. Will find out more on how to get hold of it for any interstaters and post on this thread when i do - hope it helps someone.

Thanks for all the help received and knowledge gained.
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