Property Investigator where are you????

From: .watto .

What happened to the property Investigator...

Any ideas....

Melb Freestyler
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From: Property Investigator


I'm still here and kicking. I have gone quiet recently because of the threat of legal action against me by a very nervous investment marketer who is paranoid about what I am going to say about their company.

Since my first report I have actually completed two more comprehensive reports, and as I advised the people on my mailing list, I have had to take strong legal advice before I publish the report.

It's such a shame that in a land of supposedly free speech, I can't present my findings, thoughts and opinions to a relatively small group of interested people, without the worry that I could be sued for my comments.

Nevertheless, in the week coming up my mailing list will receive two reports, both of which make for very interesting reading. I just hope my solicitor doesn't pull it apart on me so that it loses it's impact.

Also, this weekend I am going to the Property Expo to check out what's happening there. I'm told the white shoe brigade is there in force. The report of the Expo will also be available next week to my list.

So, as I said, I'm still here, but now a little more cautious.

Property Investigator
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From: Rod Myers

hang in there
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