Property Investment Accountant in Sydney



From: Kath Delandro

I have just finished Jan's books and ready to
launch into first investment property. Can anyone
in Sydney suggest a good accountant with strong
investment property background?
I am in the Willoughby area.
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From: Crystal .

Hi Kath,
This forum provides recommendations for Property Investment Accountants in Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne etc. Unfortunately, for those of us who live in Sydney, there doesn't seem to be an accountant that anyone is willing to recommend.
If I find one - I'll let you know!!
Good Luck,
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From: Anonymous


I'm looking for one in sydney too. I have one accountant who I went to last year, but that was before I really got into IPs. When I see him again this year to do my tax return I'm going to quiz him a little and sus him out. I'll let you know

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From: Mark Pardi

I have had clients who have used the following firms in Sydney

They have spoke highly of them.

Note this is not a specific recommendation.

perhaps call them for a chat

Pinn Deavin & Co
3 Stapleton Ave Sutherland 2232
(02) 9545 2700

Tony Deavin
Michael Pinn

another one is

Roz Lapsley CPA
The Promenade Suite 38 33 Cross St
Double Bay 2028 (02) 9362 3939

again worth a chat.

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From: Astro Boy

You could always try one of the interstate accountants with a good reputation (eg: dale in melb).

Email / phone / fax etc. means communication should not be a problem, and it makes for a tax deductable trip to your city of choice every now and then!

That's what I'm doing!


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