Property investment meet up group geelong

I'm thinking about starting a Meetup group on Property Invesment in the Geelong area. If you haven't heard of Meetups check out the website.
Of course it will not be limited to Geelong and surrounds people but meetings will be held in Central Geelong. (Only an hour down the highway from Melbourne)
As we all know on Somersoft there 's so much to learn about property investment and so many people that would love to start investing in property but just can't seem to get over the hurdle of thinking that all debt is bad and should be avoided at all costs.
I'd like to have guest speakers, informal discussions, formal discussions all held in a very social and welcoming environment. Food and drinks a must.
The group could meet monthly and would be open to long time investors, new investors and people considering entering property investment for the first time.
Is anyone out there from the Geelong area and interested in such a Meetup? Has anyone started anything like this before and what has been your experience?
Like to get some feedback on this.
About half my family lives in Geelong, I'm there and back constantly. I'd be happy to come along to the meetings, I think it's a great idea!

Just make sure you post the meetings here. I joined once, the spam just annoyed me. :rolleyes:
Hey...part of Australia which has become close to my the city.

People are very friendly there....have 2 places down