Property Investors Workshop this June

Hi All,

I just wanted to let everyone know that are hosting a number of one day property investor workshops in June across the country, focusing on practical ways of making real profits in today's market.


Details of the workshop as follows:


You are invited to join two of Australia’s Best Property Mentors - Simon Buckingham and Brendan Kelly together with one of Australia's most respected property market researchers, John Lindeman - for a practical, hype-free event packed full of real-world information for today's property market.

No group hugs, no fluffy motivational speakers, and definitely NO selling property. Just real actionable property strategies for the here-and-now!

Specifically, you'll discover:
- Where to invest for MASSIVE growth... including 3 LOCAL suburbs that are about to BOOM!
- How to GET PAID to own more property!
- What you won't learn on TV about how to actually MAKE HUGE CASH PROFITS from a Renovation!
- Costly mistakes that will ruin your investing, and HOW TO AVOID THEM!
- How to tell a great deal from a loss-making dud...The CRITICAL SKILL that all investors need, but so few have!
...and much more!

And the best part: Admission to this full-day property workshop is absolutely Free!!

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What are you selling?

A mentoring service?

People are so wary of free events because there is ALWAYS an underlying sell message. Better to be upfront with it.

Why not say "We are property mentors and are hosting a free seminar. We will teach you some important things and hopefully you will think we can add some value to your life and will choose to sign up for our service however their is no obligation and minimal pressure to do this."

Being upfront would be an interesting marketing approach to the investor seminar business model.
We totally agree.

If you click on the link you will find out that we are being very upfront on what what people expect to be taught and get out of the day to start or further their property investing.

We offer property investor knowledge and mentoring to help people get underway or get more sophisticated. Its every individual's choice to decide what they want to do next based on the quality and level of information they see with no obligation.

You are welcome to come along and check out the level of integrity.