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Hi There!

I currently self manage our 3 IP's but as I have moved interstate I am considering appointing a property manager... As such I have a few questions I am hoping you can answer or point me to the right place (I can't seem to find threads, but I'm sure there are some!!!)...

Q1 - Can you recommend some good PM's on the Gold Coast (preferably Southern end)

Q2 - What kind of questions should you ask a PM before appointing them? So far I have come up with: what are your rates? what is included within the rates? how do you handle repairs? what references do you request/what checks do you do for new tenants? how involved are we in the selection process with new tenants? Just not sure what else to ask... Can you ask how many properties they personally manage? Can you ask for references? Would they just think you are crazy? (we have previously had a bad experience, hence why we now self manage)

Q3 - Do they give you discounts for multiple properties? We have one untenanted that we want to put through a PM, one that is currently tenanted but we would be happy to put through a PM and one that is rented to someone we know, so we would consider putting through a PM, but only if the price is reasonable.

Thanks heaps in advance!
Hi bubbles,

I have given you a long list to consider.

Don't be afraid to ask any question you want. Make sure who you speak with will be the ones looking after your property.

Regarding management fees and other costs - good property managers can save you hundreds - so it's not what you pay, it's the overall value you get.

Good luck with your search - let me know if you need more help.

Thanks so much Lu!

It is a much longer list than I originally had so I am very greatful! I am not going to get to hung up on a % here or there, I just want someone to manage our properties in the same way we have been managing them.

The only other question I have is do you find that smaller boutique agencies are better because they "need" your business more, or the larger big brand agencies because they have more hierachy to complain to if there is a problem?


I think what you need to ask yourself is - how much service do you want to get from your property manager - is there system able to provide for you and are you comfortable with the professionalism of the actual property manager who will be looking after your property.

I'm a small agency so I give greater service - but it's in my nature to provide better than industry standard service. I've built up a number of businesses in the past and understand that good will and word of mouth are the most important growth tools available to me. That's why I have a service guarantee and offer management fee free trial periods. A few companies do this too, so you should be able to find someone in your areas...

some larger agencies, comes down to your luck - which property manager you get to look after your property.

At least you are doing your homework before deciding.
Hi There!
Q1 - Can you recommend some good PM's on the Gold Coast (preferably Southern end)

I've used Ray White in Tugan for years and have been very happy with them. Good pricing (in line with other PMs I have), good exposure (list rentals in the Palm Beach and Elanora offices as well), just never any dramas.
Thanks guys!

I have put the feelers out to a few agencies I haven't heard horror stories about... Should have the basic stats back within a few days and then I can interrogate :eek:)