Property Management Software

From: Alan Hill

Well I guess my previous post on this question is not of any interest to anyone. I was surprised that I had little or no response...Serge excepted...thanks Serge). As I stated I have had a quick look at Property Manager Pro and Rentright and I was curious what others use? Maybe the majority get their properties all 'professionally' managed(I still prefer to do it myself and hence like to keep a tight track on costs, leases etc). I thought it would have been an interesting point of discussion but I bow to the majorities thoughts in this case and will continue my own investigations. Have a good night all.
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From: Paul Zagoridis

I don't manage my property anymore. It's a bit hard to do it interstate. Plus my one local property is on a Lease/option.

When I did manage property I used Quickbooks and it worked well enough for me. but that was 5-6 years ago. Rent calendering was impossible.


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From: Steve G

Hi Alan!

If you do find anything interesting from your researches, I'm sure "we who are not currently using computerised systems" would like to hear about it....

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