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From: Anton Madievski

I wonder if someone could recommend good property management software? I am aware of two programs: Property Manager Pro by Dizzy Bytes P/L at around $90 and Rent Manager by Cashflow Manager P/L at $150. At the moment I'm running a trial version of Property Manager Pro and hate it. (Low on functionality, inflexible, ill conceived and poorly executed). Is Rent Manager any better? Why? Any other packages I'm not aware of? Someone has a good Excel-based program and is willing to share it?
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From: Sim' Hampel

What is it you want to manage ?

For finances with my IPs I use Quicken 2002 Personal Plus - I find that does pretty much everthing I need in regard to managing the finance sides of my IPs.

I also use Quicken for my personal finances, so it fits in really well with how I organise things.

Most of the products that I have seen on the market at the moment are just specialised accounting packages which are property aware, but not particularly good at accounting.

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From: Gee Vee

Have you tried a product called "property genius"? Download a trial version at:
then pay a registration fee. It has a setup similar to MYOB and you can keep track of expenses and income. It seems OK to me but I am small time!!!
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From: Sergey Golovin

Hi Duncan,

The software advertised there does not work.
It says -
“Download a free trial version by clicking here.
This trial version will work for 30 days.”

And it does not. Keep asking for keys/code and shuts it self down.
You should tell people (as part of that info) that trial code available on the request form the publisher or something similar, if it is the case.
Ofcourse it would different story if it is available to some and not to others. Well, then, you are effectively reducing volume of sale and your potential income.

It is probably quite good product, but something wrong with introduction, hard to tell.
Hope this comment will help to promote software in better way. Obviously, you did put so much effort into it, would be sad to see it go.

Do not get me wrong - northing personal, it is just business. After all it is few other packages out there on the market waiting for potential purchaser. The more competitive that software is the better the chance.

Good luck.

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From: Duncan M

Sounds like you may have had a previous version installed. Email me at I'll provide instructions on how to overcome the problem you've had.


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