Property Manager Blacktown

I am in need of a property manager for a house in Blacktown. I am just beginning with my search and wanted to know if anyone can recommend some in the area to either check in with or stay clear of.

So if you can help out I would love to hear from you...send me a PM if need be.


I've got a few of them and I can tell you that perfect PM's don't exist. :D
Just pick 1 of the bigger ones and don't be too concerned because they're all similar.

I use Ray White on Flushcombe rd.
I initially chose them for convenience but decided to stay with them
because they are in a nice central location so many people walk past their window.

I never had long vacancies and were always on the ball when the tenant hadn't paid the rent. I believe my management fee is 6.5%
Hi Wishing_well,

who did you end up going with? and how are you finding them?

I'm also looking for a PM for my property in this area and would appreciate hearing your experiences