Property Manager diverting rates notices



From: Chris Legg

My property manager has written to the council and the water authority telling them to send my rates notices to them.
Are the property managers allowed to do this without my permission?
Why would the councils respond to this without contacting the owner?
Would the councils be in breach of some privacy laws doing this?
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From: Michael Yardney

Many property managers will pay for all the outgoings like rates for you out of your rental income and send you the net amount.
There is nothing wrong with this and there is some advantage to it. They shouldn't charge extra for this service, but they should ask you whether you require it or not.
Michael Yardney
Metropole Properties
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From: Sim' Hampel

We have our property manager pay almost everything for us out of our rental income, including things like council rates. One of the main things we prefer to have sent directly to us is insurance. We like to re-assess insurance at least annually, and we stand to lose the most if our property managers somehow fail to pay the premiums on time and disaster strikes.

Your property manager may be trying to show initiative and provide you better service by making contact directly with the council and so on to have your rates notices sent directly to them.

But as I've often found with property managers, *sigh*, they are generally appalling communicators, and tend to think that they know what's best for your investment property, since they ARE the experts aren't they ?

You need to let them know in no uncertain terms what is acceptable and not acceptable in managing your properties. You are paying them for their services, you need to set the rules.

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From: Chris Legg

I don't have an agreement with this company as such as my account was transferred to this manager from the previous manager.

I had previously advised the first manager that I did not want this to happen.

This current manager deducted the amount from my July rents and has paid the rates although they are not due to the end of the end of August

Normally I pay the rates on the day they are due by credit card obtaining Fly Buy points
and an extra 35 days credit.

This has of course now been denied me by this property managers arrogant action.
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From: Rolf Latham

Hi Chris

Im sure their motives were sound - save you the hassle of the payment.


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