Property Manager Point Cook Melbourne

Can anyone suggest a good PM to manage a couple of properties, one in Point Cook & one in Altona North. They are currently rentals but looking to sell in the next couple of months. I currently use Ray White Laverton who are the worst!! I don't want to go into all the horrors they have done as I would rather move on, but for anyone contemplating using them STAY AWAY from them.
Hi there,

I'm currently using Sweeney, and have been with them for 2 years.
I am/was quite happy with the PM, but she recently left, so we'll need to ensure service stays at the same level.


I've also got an IP in Altona North and we are also with Sweeney. I think LeeF is referring to the same PM that we had, who left them recently. Since then, I am not very happy with them. They are struggling under the load and my phone calls don't get returned for days. Their preferred handyman for work is also extremely busy and we have not been able to get things done.. in the end, we arranged our own handyman to provide a quote and get work done.

I am seriously considering looking at other options. If anyone has suggestions, I am willing to listen.

We have also just purchased an IP in Point Cook, putting us in an identical position to montglen. The property we bought already has tenants. They were being managed by Point Cook Real Estate, but with just 40 days to settlement, the current owners have switched to Barry Plant Real Estate. Both of them having been calling me trying to convince me to sign on to them. I've also been called by Stockdale & Leggo who have offered $500 or first 6 months free. I'm going to try and call the sellers and find out why they switched with just a month and a bit to go. Other than that, anyone have any recommendations?