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From: Tai Melb

Hi all,

I bought an off the plan apartment 3 years ago.
(I think I talked about this one before :).
Initially, I wanted to sell it before settlement. However, I just made a decision
to keep it and rent it out.
Being my first IP, I dont know any
property manager or agent can take
care of my apartment.
The apartment is in Sth Melb (along St Kilda Rd).
I am expecting rent about $600 to $700pw.
Settlement date is about 2-3 weeks away.
Could anyone recommend a good property manager for my apartment?

I really appreciate your help/advice.


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From: Michael Yardney

We own quite a few investment properties and develop many for our clients. We have built up a good working relationship with a number of good property managers that I would be prepared to recommend and that could help you in the St.Kilda Rd / South Melb area.
Give me a call tomorrow on 9553 8877 or email me and I will give you a few names.
Choose a firm that has a separate property management department, not just the girl at the front desk handling enquiries.
Also choose a firm that takes the tenants to the properties and has open for inspections not just hands out keys.
Also insist your property manager does periodic (6 monthly) inspection and sends you reports
Finally remember their fees are deregulated, which means you can negotiate them.
Michael Yardney
Metropole Properties
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