Property Meeting Perth Mar 25 - Is there $$$ in them there hills - Subdividing

Have you ever thought about subdividing a piece of land and did not know where to start, what you could do with it or what type of subdivision would be best for you? Well you are in luck as this months meeting will provide you with a lot of information on this topic.

Subdivision may seem straight forward, however, there is a fair bit to it, for example do you do a green title, strata or built strata, what are the differences in costs, timings and process? It?s definitely not one size fits all. That?s why we all need experts in the field for advice and guidance.

This session is another foundation sessions which will provide you with valuable information which we will build on as we progress through some more advanced topics later in the year, so make sure you get down for this one.

Also back by popular demand is the HOUR of POWER! This was a networking session that we held last year. This session is valuable for newbies and the experienced alike, and as the guys that came last year will attest ? this is what property investing is about.

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