Property Owners Assoc. Australia


Any one out there a member or thinking of becoming a member of the POAA ?
If so, how do you rate it for info, support etc.
Any information would be interesting. The website for the NSW branch looks to be still under construction and not much to go on there.

I checked it out about 2 years ago thinking it would be a good networking tool for my business.

In my opinion (I stress that these are my personal opinions only), it didn't seem to be a large organisation (I could be wrong), and a little unorganised. The newsletters they sent me were unprofessional and lacked any real substance.

I do believe they have somewhat regular meetings though.
Dear Thorpey,

I am a member and would recommend joining it.

The organisation was formed back in 1916 and nationally has over 2,000 members although the QLD and SA chapters are the most active.

They have an excellent "Property Owners Handbook" which is great for understanding key points of managing properties from initial property selection, recommended tenant selection criteria to detailed explanations of dispute resolution with tenants etc. I recommend this handbook to anyone who manages properties themselves.

With the QLD side there is a property support line where you can ring up and get help on any problems or general questions on property you may have.

They have regular meetings with good speakers and are the biggest non-profit residential property organisation in Australia.

The QLD branch has a regular newsletter which gives practical information that does not replace but does make a welcome addition to my sources of property information.

All organisations can be improved, however the property owners association again has been going since 1916 which is testament to an organisation which will not disappear tomorrow and is not a flash in the pan.

It is a worthwhile organisation and I'm looking forward to some potential new active undertakings that they are currently looking at which will provide even greater benefits to members.

Let me know if you need any more information.