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From: Robert Longmore

How many people here use property tracker type software? to keep track of rent payments and all expenditure etc etc.
what do you use? how much did it cost? is it easy to use?

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From: Dale Gatherum-Goss

Hi Robert!

I use my own accounting programme (naturally, I hear you say!) but, I recommend clients use either a simple spreadsheet, or, something like "Rent Manager" which is a small Australian software programme designed to keep track of all money in and out for a rental property. It costs about $149 and can be bought by ringing 1300 788 744.

I am not affiliated with the software at all, but, think enough of it to recommend it.

I hope that this helps and have fun

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From: Alan Hill

Hi Robert,

A couple come to mind.....

There's an Australian product called Property Manager Pro. I think(?) from memory if you go to the Australian Property Investor Magazine Site they have details and possibly even links to a trial download.

Another good one is an American product called Rent-Right. Site address is Again, I think you can download a trial version to play with for a month or so.

There are probably others but those two were the first I thought of......hope it helps. ;)
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From: Anonymous

We use the FreeStyler investment tracker at and find that it takes a more holistic approach to our finance, tracking things like donations and PAYE deductions as well as all of the business for our many rental properties


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