property Valuer Salary

I am looking at a change of career. I live in Queensland.

I am thinking about completing a Bachelor of Property and getting a job as a valuer.

I would be interested in hearing from people already in the industry.

Do you enjoy what you do?

What words of advice/opinion can you give on emerging specialisms in this field? Self-employment is something that may interest me in the future.

What do you think of your current career path and future job opportunities?

What is the salary range for this profession in Queensland?

I am currently on about $77K pa as an allied health care worker. I realise that I would take a pay cut initially as a new graduate. Would be interested in finding out what the starting salary is and how fast it rises in accordance with experience.


When I enquired about the starting salary I got the same response from QLD and SA offices. Apparantly you start from anywhere between $40,000 - $45,000 p.a but it depends on which company you work for and how much work experience you have done while studying. I think you are often on this income for 2yrs.

While I was studying (still deciding whether to continue) I became a member of Australian Property Institute and they were quite helpful. The Masters in Business and Property at UNISA is really interesting but time consuming as all uni degrees are!

Some valuers I spoke to loved their job while others sounded quite disinterested but I guess it depends how long they have been doing it for!!

Hope this helps! PM me if you want any other info.

Hi there - particularly Mr. career change!!

As a general industry caveat, I'd say the profession is in trouble and in decline, for a few reasons.

When I started studies in '06, the average NSW valuer salary was
$67,000PA. So I gave myself a hefty discount for inexperience, figured by 1 year into first job I'd be on $55K in 2010.

I'm on $44,000, plus $7,000PA for car. This covers about half of actual car costs. So, I (and many others I assume) get to supplement the employer's operating costs for the rest, which makes my actual take home about $650/week, after rest out of pocket for car. That was a good income in say, 2002.

There is NO AWARD for valuers. None. The AAPI membership you pay of about $400/PA gets you no protection or representation. They're not interested. A valuer only has to get paid Australian minimum adult wage. Thankfully, market rates prevent this from happening....yet?

You SHOULD be getting at LEAST 40-45% of the val fee, averaged, on a weekly basis, PA. So, average val say $230, you should get $90 to 105 or so, times say, 17-20 per week. That's over 80K PA, yet average is far short of that. Business owners are creaming off phenomenal portions. I can't support my family on my income...even as advanced diploma property professional.

Constant companion is getting sued. Mostly the bent ones get caught, but
the liability is serious, and in the entire home loan chain, valuers are seen as the weakest link and softest target. The mortgage insurers run the show.

Hours are above average, and legal liability is well beyond the pay scale. It's got me reconsidering my career anyway.

Have a good think about it before starting studies is my advice. WE just saw a financial adviser who nearly chocked at my wage:-(


I had a meeting with a guy this week who is quite high up in a big 4 bank, he was saying he was qualified as a valuer but "valuers don't get the money and don't get the girl" which i thought was quite funny at the time.

Given his current wage, position and wife ;) i am pretty sure he is glad he got the knowledge but didn't practice as a valuer.


Valuers Salary

Wow, thanks for the additional feedback - even if it isn't what I wanted to hear! :eek:

Problem is I work in a stressful health care profession that I want to get out of and I am really passionate about property. The upside is that Im on nearly $80K a year, but I was hoping to replicate that after a reasonable number of years as a certified valuer. Hmmm....more foood for thought...

Mabe I need to start making money out of investments instead!! :D

p.s. I already have the girl ;)
Be careful with Mortgage broking as your running costs a quite high too. We are about to go through regulation and I had been very positive about this. Seems though there are many grey areas in the 900 page legislation. However I don't come across too many bad eggs in the industry, so I don't think it will get rid of too many. Most of the dog lenders I come across are solicators and accountants who run a lending business. These very people are exempt from regulation!

However as a start you can get some pretty good salary positions. This will build up your client base and get your name out there. Something the "bank" and bigger brokers decline to realize is customers remember your name and mobile number not who you work for.

I suggest while your still working do the online training on the MFAA site and then do your cert iv in finance broking, then start applying for positions.

Good luck.
It all depends on what type of valuer you want to be. I started life as a valuer after doing a 3 year degree straight from school. Base starting salary in 2001 was about 32k. I was working for a commercial firm so not doing resi 'tick and flicks' which I assume you are thinking about?

My base rose to circa $75k after 3 years plus commisions and gross salary was circa $120k. I can see where the bankers comments come from too!!

After 4 years I switched to another side of property which provides more rewards and less stress. Being a valuer can be extremely rewarding and be a good long term; stable career however plenty of people use it as a base to form a good understanding of property then move into other areas.

However, it is by no means a 'bludge' and their can be a lot of stress and pressure to meet deadlines etc. In relation to API membership, this should be covered by your employer.

Good luck!!