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From: See Change

Thought I might add an interesting , though trivial observation to the ongoing debate of the benefits of shares Vs property.

While browsing at my favorite book store ( Borders at Macquarie ) I was struck my the massive number of books on share trading as opposed to the number of books on property investing. An attempt to count the books was quickly discarded in favour of a quick count of the number of shelves devoted to each topic.

The result?

26 shelves for shares

2 1/2 shelves for property

My initial thoughts are that share traders need the money by writing books more than property investors and share trading is a lot more complex than property investing.

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From: Kevin Forster

Another reason could be that share traders aren't willing to fork out $20k for a seminar like some property investors are :) so they're forced to write books and sell them for $20 a pop.

Share trading seems to be on a bit of a fad at the moment due to ease of online trading. Property still cost a few thousand dollars to get into. I think the trend will continue because on the TV when a property investor does his dough due to a bad tenant it seems to be the property investors fault and the tenant's fault. After all the property investor should have had insurance.

If "mum and dad" share traders make a bad decision al la HIH, OneTel, Compass it's the nasty company directors fault. Although the company directors are sometimes to blame.

So share traders get all risk and no perceived responsibility to manage their shares.

Didn't expect the post to get this long.

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From: Cathy Baxter


However as a property investor you have more control over your investment - if you purchase and manage it right eg selection of tenant, property manager and monitoring of your property.

With shares though - what influence do you have. Just heard on the news - billions wiped off Telstra due to profit warnings - poor things.

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From: Steve Navra


Hate to 'Buck' the system, and I am well aware that this is a PROPERTY Investors forum, but shares as a form of diversity should be considered. (Cash portfolios too !)

Balance is the answer.

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