Property – what did you do in 2009? Goals/Plans for 2010!!!

I am always interested in what people did and what their plans are for next year. Here is mine.

What did you do in 2009?

  • I bought a holiday rental in Goughs Bay (near Mansfield, in the high country of Victoria) at the height of the GFC. I reckon I bought and timed well. Currently doing an inside renovation.
  • Just sat and watched
Goals/Plans for 2010
  • Complete the above renovation and list on and aussiehomeswap
  • Look at designing and getting council approval for 2 double storey side by side townhouses in bayside Melbourne (Edithvale)
  • Consolidate existing portfolio
What I did in 2009
  • I got my PPoR revalued for a $140k rise.
  • Just sat and watched
Goals/Plans for 2010
  • Start construction on my townhouse development
  • Refinance finished townhouse development
  • Attend Metropole wealth retreat
  • Attend Carly Crutchfield development course
  • Attend Rick Otton property options course
  • Buy, renovate and sell at least one brick-and-tile house for cashflow
What I did in 2009:

  • Bought IP#4, a townhouse in Upper Coomera

What I plan for 2010:

  • Consolidate and let cashflow improve
  • Continue to research ready for 2011

Plan for 2011 is for another buy, reno and hold here in Geelong.

(Bit boring compared to some of the other "high flyers" here ;), but I'm working on it!)
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Good motivational thread! :)

I had a prosperous year and added 3x properties to my portfolio, which is more than the year before and am quite happy with my progress to date. I expect to slow down a little in the coming year to build some more equity and also take some time off using built up equity to renovate my new home.

On a personal note, I've had the best year of my life to date.
I have a lovely girlfriend who I'm thinking of popping the big question to soon! I'm going to need a big ring.
We're both really enjoying our own slice of paradise and our finances have really aided in out happiness as we can now afford to buy and do the things we've only ever dreamed of before.

Things are really chugging along nicely and I'm really happy.
What i did in 2009:
- bought PPOR
- got IP2 revaled with 20% increase on purchase 12 months ago
- sat and watched

Plans for 2010
- sit and watch more
- wait for the equity fairy
- build up some buffer
- buy if i can afford it.
What my partner and I did in 2009:

* I sat on my hands for 10 months plodding away at work, paying down the last off my partner's PPOR loan off.
* My fiancee planned and organised a wedding for 120 guests and generally busted her guts out at work
* Late Oct we bought a 4 bedder weather board house around the corner.
* Nov moved out of my PPOR and put it up for rent.
* Also in Nov got married and flew out to Tahiti for a 9 day honeymoon! :D
* Dec settled on the 4 bedder and have tenants moving this Sat.
* Just now got a call from our PM that my old PPOR has also got an application pending ready to move in on Monday!

It's been a hectic end to the year! :D Life is great!

What I plan to do in 2010:

* Gardening
* Odd bit of painting around the house and the two IP's
* Paying down odd bits of personal debt and the start chipping away at the 4bedder mortgage (we want to eventually make it our PPOR)
* Spoil my beautiful wife silly because she is so awesome.
Bought IP 4
Rents went up, then again.
Acheived a lot of reno on PPoR in 1st 12 mths of living in it.
Got promoted at work and found myself in a more secure postion.
Best bit...Betterhalf gave birth to beautiful twins and all are happy and healthy.

Use more equity I have sitting around and buy another IP, or 2. Or pay down (pay off perhaps) 1st IP.
Watch the rents go up again soon. :D
Do some reno work on 1 IP, I'll do myself, just bathroom and flooring. Then put its rent up.
Get heaps of reno's done around the PPoR. Watch it gain in value.
Hope to buy our dream block for us to live on away from surbia.
Share good quality time with Wonderul family, thats the best bit.
2009 - Sold a couple of blocks of land, which got PPOR loan down to a very reasonable level.

2010 - Just started a new business, so will probably have to sit on the sidelines, but might buy something lo doc if the business is holding it's own.

moved back from south aust.
live with inlaws for 3 months shile looking for property (they live an hour each way commute from school).
bought investment prop that we are currently living in and reno/landscape-ing as we wait for our ppor to become avail again.
sold a dog of an ip.
got construction cert and costings for townhouses.


finish reno on ip and sell to pay for townhouse build.
move back to ppor.
start build on townhouses.
research/learn/start own business.
try and get to reading lessons at school!!

Bought RIP #4 in Dec '08, settled in Mar '09, ~ 32% passive CG since purchase date.

Bought RIP #5, in Aug '09, ~17% passive CG since purchase date.

Doubled my RIP loans in the process, and closing in on the net 1M mark now.


May squeeze in one last RIP for good measure in an outer suburb.
Work as a contractor, aiming to double income in 12 months' time.
Increase cash buffers.
Watch the Melbourne property boom unfold... giddy up!
Re-value properties and get LOC's/re-draws in place, before the next downturn.
Consolidate loans with 1 or 2 main lenders.
Watch for dropping interest rates and the next time to un-fix/re-fix/fix.
Research CIP #1.
Research starting own business.
2009 - Brought my first IP
Lived in the IP for 6 months to claim FHB
Renovated bathroom of IP
Started renting out my IP in Oct. Cf+ :) one more rise and it will be just about neutral though, no problems there though, about a 22% rise in less then 12 months. Did buy it under market value though.

2010 - Pay off my credit card and then start looking for IP 2. Hopefully before June, although what I am looking for isn’t particularly abundant!

Oh and buy a car. Think the gf is getting sick of driving me everywhere
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In 2009 I..

-Worked my butt off and saved $3 or $4k for my first house

Plans for 2010..

-Relocate to Melbourne/Move out :(
-Buy PPOR, after 6 months and plenty of hard work move out (IP1), after a further 3-6 months buy IP2 :)

* Got finance approved for my townhouse development at 90bp off SVR but only 70% LVR commercial terms
* Tendered my townhouse development to 6 builders and shortlisted now to 3


* Finalise the builder selection and design for the townhouses to come in under budget
* Build my townhouse development
* Refinance to 80% LVR at completion
* Sell the acreage in Bundaberg to bring the LVR down on the portfolio and the cash flow back to neutral. Its debt free but earning no income so is a drain on cash flow
* Probably sit on my hands and pay down some more debt for a while until the whole portfolio is comfortably neutral or better
* Start looking for the next development site. Maybe a flight to Perth and a chat to Blue Card... ;)


Bought new PPOR
Finished reno'ing old one
Sat and watched
Just signed for another IP, but not unconditional as yet


Apparently say goodbye to daughter No 2:(
Reno new property
Reno flat in another property
Think about building granny flat in another one
Think about sub-dividing still another
Hopefully finish the reno in the PPOR
And my all-time favorite. PUT THE RENTS UP AGAIN.:D
Great work everyone.:D

FINALLY got the nerve to buy more property.
Bought IP3 + renovated it.
Bought IP4- settles Monday
Paid the taxman :( as I put in a tax variation form and interest rates went from 9% to 5% and my properties were close to neutral.:D
Watched IP2 (purchased April 2008) go up by 25%
Signed contract for IP5 but pulled out (don't want to be TOO gung ho).
Traveled all over Italy and Bali again.
Taught 22 kids to read and write.

See my beautiful daughter get married (cry).
Buy IP5 (and maybe 6)
Travel to China (3 weeks to go).
Travel somewhere else (Egypt, Europe somewhere, and probably Bali again)
Teach another 20 kids to read and write.

Bought a disaster (well, let's just call it a difficult rental) in Toowoomba.


Sell Toowoomba and cut loses...
Start a business

I've hit serviceability wall, unless I start going up into accessible LVR, which isn't up my alley just yet. :)

Bought IP #2 in West Ryde in January around Neutral & saw good CG
Bought IP #3 in Macquarie Park in October and did a quick reno then rented it out with 9 months in advance.


Purchase IP #4 that needs a pretty serious renovation.
Refinance IP #2 in West Ryde to purchase #5.

Looking to get more into renovations next year as I've now wet my feet. Trying to purchase as fast as possible as I'm in the accumilation phase at the moment.

Also want to travel back to Japan next year.....definitely not to buy property there though.