Proposed Heritage listing on building - BCC

I've had a letter from the Brisbane City Council proposing to list a brick boarding house I own as a local heritage place, the process will take over 6 months and I get a chance to have my say in around August.

Just wondering if anyone has gone through anything similar. Any tips on the process or the implications?

I understand that my insurance may go up and land valuations down, is this correct?

I intend to hold the place for the long term with no plans to redevelop.

I'll get in touch with a town planner to have a chat in the next few weeks to cover my bases.
What could you do to stop it (if that's what you wanted)? Maybe out a modern rendering on it? Paint the verandah in a high contrast colour? Tear down some frills?
Consider whether it is going to be of any benefit to you.
What possible benefits are available? Heritage restoration grants, grant for fire upgrades/compliance works, land tax exemption (not sure in Qld) :D

Disadvantages - may place some restrictions on what you can do with the property ie must remain a boarding house despite everything else around being rezoned to high density, restrict the works that you can undertake without consent :eek: