pros and cons - crossing IPs loans?


settling my 2nd IPs in 2 weeks. just got a call from CBA and now CBA wants me to crosscollate my IP1 with the new IP2.

What are the props and cons of crossing 2 IPs?

Hiya Scott

Might b a bit late to worry aboutit with 2 weeks to go.

Hard to comment wothout knowing ur personal details AND future goals and resources.

Often its no buggie since you may be able to sort it out later.

Can be a showstopper sometimes though if you are looking to buy more Ips or sell something along the way.

run your details past a broker and see what they reckon for the future, but most of all dont stress .

I'll tell you now Scott, when you go to draw on the equity of the crossed securities it gets to be a pain when you're up to IP3-4-5.

Keep em separate, it'll save you a million headaches if you ever have to refi or cash out etc (which could be a possibility for sure)

It might not be 'easy' but IMO its a question of who its easy for. Them or you.