Pseudo dual occupancy

From: Lotana Von Amor

In continuation to the previous topic, am i right that there is no legal restriction on letting parts of the property to different tenants?

Can anyone see a problem with the following idea: a friend bought OTP a 2-story strata unit in Sydney city fringe. The unit is on floors 3 and 4 of a 4-story building. Downstairs is a large bedroom and full bathroom, upstairs a kitchen, second bedroom, and a lounge room. He is going to install a "kitchenette" downstairs and let it furnished as a bachelor unit, and upstair let unfurnished as a 1 br unit. He is prepared to pay electricity bill so no problem with a meter. The only problem he can see is splitting a letter box (any ideas?).


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From: Lotana Von Amor

Thanks, good idea. Do you think he would need a body corporate permission?

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From: Jerry Maguire

yes and most of the time the body corp would have got no problems with that if he explains the senario with the president of the body corp
BTW take them out to lunch to have a have a chat that way he will get a better response
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From: Martin .

Ran similar concept past local council in Vic, their response was that they tended to find out non council approved Pseudo dual occ's, when one of the tenants made queries regarding a wheelie (rubbish etc.) bin.

Some system they've got!

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