Q for Sim

I am curious to know, why my join date is Nov 2003. I distincly remember sitting in my grimey room back in Wollongong, when we owned a Rollerskating Rink back in 2000/2001 religiously reading the forum on dial-up internet. I used to do this every day without fail. Of course, back then, there was nowhere near as much traffic as there is now.

Admittedly, I may have been lurking back then, but I am positive that my first post was considerably earlier than Nov 2003.
There were 2 different bulletin boards before vBulletin. Their contents are archived here. Have a search in there & see if you remember anything.

When vBulletin was set up, many users were not migrated across & had to sign up again, you were probably one of them.
Yes, I remember both of those forums well. There are many old time posters that are no longer active, which is a shame. I never had to re-register, but I just did a search to find my first posts and there was one discussing how I had 9 IP's. Again, I know that I had far fewer than this when I first started posting.
I'm not sure if this is you, but I found this thread from around that time; does that look familiar...?


OMG! Yes! That is me! What on earth made you think to search under that name? I know it is my name, but I have never posted under it once. I wasn't sure either, as I don't remember the house we were looking at, so checked the other posts and there is one where I gave out my email address at the time for Rolf. Definately me!

The funny thing about that post is that the join date says Sep 2002, yet the date of the post is 23-7-2001. There are only 15 posts under that name too, but I noticed that there are many posts in both forums that don't have a name.


This incarnation of the forum (using vBulletin) was set up in September 2002. Anyone who created a new account on the site at that point has that as their join date.

I was able to import some of the posts from the old forums into the database, and for people where I could recognise their old usernames, I was able to merge the accounts such that they then had their older posts from the previous forum associated with their new vB account name. I was not able to do this for everyone, since I wasn't able to identify every user.

Similarly, some people may have had an earlier username, but then created a new one after being absent from the forums for a while.


If you had previous usernames that you would like to merge into your new account, and you can let me know what email address you used for your old accounts (for verification purposes), I'm happy to merge them for you.