QLD Demolison code



From: M Kats

Has anybody had experience with the demolition code in Brisbane??

I have a dumpy Queenslander on 810sqm.
I would like to cut the veranda off, then move it onto one of the lots.

I am worried about B.A.
House is in Low density Resid. , Character area and is built pre 1946.

Any advise is appreciated.

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From: Paul Guest


Speak to the local council. Their Building Department (Building Permits etc.) should be able to give you guidelines. I am from Melb so I dont know the reg's. Down here, building surveyors are privatised.

I am relocating a Queenslander or 2 in Nth Qld soon and will be going through the same issues. One dumpy Qldr I was looking at renovating need to pass a Council inspection to ensure that it COULD be renovated. Also local Elec Authority inspections etc. Importantly, up North (for anyone else reading), a relocated house PROBABLY has to pass more recent Cyclone ratings - which adds to the cost. Once again though, I am told that it depends on the Council.

I'm not sure if I helped but good luck.

Paul G.
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