QLD unemployment rate

From: Tibor Bode

The following as been released by the QLD government. It is worth reading for existing and prospective QLD investors and also for QLD knockers.

Number of job ads in Queensland rises again

The number of job advertisements in Queensland had risen a staggering 29.3 percent during the past 12 months, the Deputy Premier and Treasurer, Mr Terry Mackenroth, said today.

Mr Mackenroth said that by comparison the national figure had risen by only 9.8 percent.

He said the figures were released today in the ANZ Job Advertisement Series.

"No State came close to Queensland when advertising vacancies during the past 12 months with South Australia recording the second highest increase in ads at only 20.2 percent," Mr Mackenroth said.

"These figures clearly demonstrate how the Smart State is outperforming the rest of the nation in jobs growth".

"This is great news for job seekers and for our State economy".

Mr Mackenroth said the figures released today also showed a trend increase in job ads for the thirteenth month in a row.

"The trend number of job ads in Queensland rose 2.3 percent in May, but nationally they only rose 1.4 percent," he said.

"This comes on the back of strong labour force figures released last month with Queensland's unemployment rate dropping to 7.7 percent in April, down from 8.6 percent 12 months earlier."

Mr Mackenroth said today's figures were a wonderful achievement for Queensland given our high labour force participation rate.

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From: Owen .

Hi Tibor,

Is there any break down on the areas with more job ads than others? I would hate to be looking to buy in Brisbane when all the jobs are in Mt Isa.


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From: Tibor Bode

Hi Owen,

I am not sure about it, but the governments web site should provide some further info about it or their treasury statistician.
My gut feeling this mainly relates to SE QLD, meaning sunshine coast to gold coast.
This is what the governments try to promote extremely hard.

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